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Meet Your Herbalist

My Story

I began developing my first products as a young child, playing in the bathroom with the forgotten bottles of perfume and soap living in the backs of cupboards.  As an adult I discovered that every ingredient was special and had its own story; it came from it’s own unique place, where it was grown in the dirt and harvested by a human and would often times travel very far to come into my possession.  These unique stories taught me that the source and quality of each ingredient would define my health and my impact on the planet and I learned how to refine my choices in the food I ate and the products I bought to slather on my skin.  Then, in 2010, I made my first batch of topical products, signed up for my first herbal studies class and began my journey as a product formulator and herbalist.  As these two professions evolved side by side over the next 6 years, my knowledge of whole plant medicine fused with my topical formulations in the resulting product line Poppy Botanicals.  I am am now Lab Manager,  Medicine Maker and an instructor at The California School of Herbal Studies, and I am developing and producing products for cosmetic companies nationwide.  

Product Consultation and Formulation

My many years of experience as a product formulator and herbalist have allowed me to grow an extensive ingredients library.  Together you and I will craft products that incorporate your vision with the most cutting edge plant extractions.  

My services include education and consultation for early stage product development, research and development, batch formulation and small batch final production and/or formula sales.  Product offerings include but are not limited to: 

TOPICAL Creams, Lotions, Balms, Whips, Butters & more.    

FACE Cleansers, Toners, Serums, Masks and Scrubs. 

INTERNAL Tinctures, Glycerites, Syrups, Shrubs and Acetums.

AROMATHERAPY blending for your unique product specifications. 

My Mission

I am devoted to a life defined by what I find growing in the soil and fueled by synthesizing these organic components into accessible healing potions for humans.    

Upcoming class: soap making 101

upcoming class: Fall Herbal Essentials


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